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Financing is available and determined on a case-by-case basis. Standard financing is 20% down and 6 to 12 monthly payments at 0% interest. Purchased alpaca remains on our farm until all financing is complete.


We offer Drive-by Breedings locally up to 50-miles or you can bring your female here. Dam owner is responsible   for all pregnancy testing thereafter. We offer a live birth guarantee, or a free breed back should cria not survive its first 30 days.



Because we want you to succeed, we offer reliable on-going support before and after each sale. We'd love to have you spend some with us on herd health day. We'll teach you how to give injections, trim toenails, body score & take care of your alpacas. When shearing time comes, we'll help you learn how to skirt and prepare your fleece to be sent off to a mill or for you to process yourself.


If you want to own alpacas and you don't own a farm or are in the process of setting up a farm and are ready to purchase now, we can help with that. We offer you the choice to buy them and board them here. We will offer up to 60 days free board when purchased from us, after that you will be charged a daily fee of $3.50  per day per animal – includes routine maintenance  daily feeding, fresh water, monthly  shots, & nail trimming as needed.  Additional medications, medical     treatment, veterinary expenses & shearing are solely   the owner's responsibility.


The Barn at Shimmering Pond Farm Alpacas

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